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The Poet, Trying to
   Surprise God

The poet, trying to surprise
   his God
composed new forms from
   secret harmonies,
tore from his fiery vision
of unrelated shapes, both
   even & odd.
But God just smiled, and gave
   His know-all nod
saying, “There’s no surprising
   One who sees
the acorn, root, and branch
   of centuries;
I swallow all things up, like
   Aaron’s rod.

So hold this thought beneath
   your poet-bonnet:
no matter how free-seeming
   flows your sample
God is by definition the
“Then I’ll return,” the poet
   sighed, “to sonnets
of which this is a rather pale
“Is that right?” said God. “I
   hadn’t realized….”

                  -- Peter Meinke

Trying to Surprise God
Peter Meinke
Paperback | Apr 1981
in store $15.15

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